What is the greatest issue facing homoeopathy today?

What is the greatest issue facing homoeopathy today? It is the same issue that has  faced homoeopathy since the birth of the pharmaceutical revolution and its partnership with modern medicine: the carefully orchestrated destruction of homoeopathic medicine itself

Homeopaths do face other issues, of course: dealing with accusations of being unscientific; dealing with with the perceived fuzziness of the rules of prescribing; failure of the selected homoeopathic remedy to cure; their professionalism, to name just a few. However, all nonpolitical issues are really technical issues (and there is only one  political issue -  the one I opened with).

Let me be clear: there may be other political issues that have an effect on the thinking of homoeopaths, but those issues will be found to have nothing to do with homoeopathy. An example is the alleged superiority of the  homoeopath who has graduated from an allopathic medical school. That issue has nothing to do with homoeopathy. The sabotage of homoeopathy from within is of concern, of course, but it is just more political claptrap.

What are the secrets of the top homoeopaths?

The top homoeopathic prescribers didn’t get that way by accident. They didn’t get to be super prescribers because they caught the lecture on tissue salts, or because a case of rabies turned up at the college clinic or because they read the Organon in German. Neither did that get that way by taking more cases than any of their colleagues, though practice has a lot to do with it.

They got that way by falling in love:  with the homoeopathic materia medica. 

You see, lovers see only beauty in the beloved; they see no flaws. As for their own strange state, they see nothing wrong with that at all, despite their eyes developing an excited look any time they are around homoeopathic books, people or medicines. They get distinctly restless around extremely neat people, or kids who search for pins, or people who see things — I mean see things. Their eyes become bright and glassy when they hear people say things like ‘Come on everyone: hurry!’, and ‘I know it’s an awful thing to say but I feel like stabbing that woman.’ and ‘All day I’ve felt as though this is my last day, and that I’ll die at midnight.’

How to correctly prescribe with 100% accuracy

Every homoeopath wants give a homeopathic that will cure the patient. Often, however that does not happen. It may not even have been possible to begin with. One reason for this is that the person being treated was mistaken for the true patient: the resident life force itself. It is the individual who  is ill, who presents with the symptoms, that is true. But It is the resident life force that has become distorted and altered. 

The patient is always the resident vital force, the life force, what used to be called the dynamis. 

The vital force animates every potential living thing that is sufficiently integrated, and in turn is condensed and radiated by the organism in a way that is distinctive for it, automatically. The organism will then live, thrive,  develop, reproduce, age and die.  At that point the integrity of the organism crumbles and ceases to spontaneously condense and radiate the life force. In the meantime, during its life, it will experience challenges to that radiance. All of these challenges have their origin in mind. 

© Peter Twohig