About Peter

Peter entered full-time training as a naturopath and homoeopath in 1992, following a successful career as a management &  systems consultant. 

He holds the following qualifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (in philosophy)

Bachelor of Health Science (Complimentary Medicine)

Diploma of Healing

Diploma of Psychic Healing

Diploma of the Australian Institute of Homoeopathy

Diploma of Homoeopathy 

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy

Graduate Diploma of Homoeopathic Medicine

He has practised as



Psychic Healer

Past Life Therapist

Neurolinguistic Programmer

He is the author of 

Family Homoeopathic Medicine

Homoeopathic Case Management

Outlines of Homoeopathic Remedie

Wild Homoeopathy (in preparation)

He has taught



Psychic healing

Anatomy & physiology

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