Welcome to Wild Homoeopathy!

Peter Twohig

I'm very excited to have you here with me.

I hope you will join me on the path to sound and enjoyable homeopathic prescribing and case management. 

Here's some shocking news: There's more to homoeopathy than you may think.

If you want to learn more; if you want to better grasp how homoeopathy works and smarten up your prescribing, whether it's for your family or for your practice, you've come to the right place.


I want to share with a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge of prescribing with you to help you manage the cases you come across every day. I have been successful in applying the approach of this website, and I want to show you how to do it too.

Ultimately, you can create a style of prescribing of flexibility and freedom, either as a home prescriber, a naturopath, or professional homeopathic physician, and not only enhance the health and wellbeing of your patients, but your career. 

Wild Homoeopathy is a natural evolution of classical homoeopathy, which, as far as I can see is the one, truly authentic curative medicine. 

Let me be clear about this: It is not different than classical homoeopathy; it is not new -- homoeopathy does not need innovation. It is a return to fundamental thinking that has been lost in the eagerness of homoeopaths to emulate the orthodox medical establishment, which, I need hardly point out, does not possess a curative technology. 

On this website you will eventually find:

An explanation of vitalism and vitalistic medicine

・An explanation of classical homeopathy as a branch of vitalistic medicine

・An explanation of the principles of homeopathic prescribing

・An explanation of the principles of homoeopathic case management

・An explanation of homeopathic materia medic

This is a teaching source

If you are not a professional homoeopath but are one of the rapidly increasing movement of parents who use homoeopathy to treat their families and friends for minor complaints, you will find this website a useful resource, and probably one of many.

If you are a naturopath or orthodox medical practitioner who occasionally uses homoeopathy in your practice, you will find explanations and information that will help you to avoid accidental suppressive prescribing, and guidelines for correct prescribing and case management.

If you are a professional homeopathic medical practitioner, you will find a complete program for prescription and case management in all circumstances. 

In the near future, e-books will be made available on the various of homoeopathy to which the website is devoted.

The history of this website

You are witnessing the history of the website, and, with it, the history of homeopathic medicine. Eventually, its pages will contain a wealth of useful material, for you to download. In the meantime, I invite you to subscribe, and thereby enrich both your homoeopathy and the website itself.


Many of the concepts used in this website are based on a revision of vitalistic technology, and consequently, the website contains many new terms that require definition. These will be carefully, if economically, explained. 


Before you leave, please leave a comment on the blog page and let me know of any specific topics you you would like me to address, or any difficulties you are experiencing with either any aspect of homoeopathy or your practising of it.

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